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“I have always been highly impressed by Paula's capacity to lead from a place of self-awareness, compassion, and a clear vision of the path ahead for the team and the communities at large – the marks of a true leader! Throughout the years, we've worked together on a client relationship which later evolved into contracting Paula and her company to lead a few of #WeAllGrow Latina's most important community campaigns and events, both virtual and IRL. Paula's enduring persistence, creativity, and ability to surround herself with the smartest and most creative innovators always yield highly impactful results in an environment of ease.”
Ana Flores Image
Ana Flores,
Founder and Co-CEO of WEALLGROW Latina
"Paula is an innovative, community-driven, and dependable collaborator. She brings a high degree of professionalism and authenticity to every project she works on. She is someone I highly trust and enjoy working with."
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Yung Pueblo,
#1 NYT Bestselling Author
"Paula Durán's exceptional leadership as Director of Partnerships at OYE has helped the company to establish meaningful collaborations and partnerships with key players in the industry, such as Apple and Tidal. Her and EMPRESS' strategic vision and ability to foster strong relationships have driven OYE's growth and success. Her dedication to creating positive impact through innovation and collaboration is truly inspiring." 
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Mario Chamorro,
Co-Founder and CEO of OYE
“Working with Paula and EMPRESS has truly elevated our mission and intention for our community at Kids Of Immigrants. Working with someone like Paula, who understands our purpose and can drive brand marketing with social impact, is truly special. Beyond Paula's premium services, there is true passion and vision to create a better world and serve our communities. We are grateful for the level of expertise that EMPRESS has contributed to our company and community!” 
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Daniel Buezo, 
CEO and Co-Founder of Kids Of Immigrants
"As President of Jive Live Entertainment, I had the pleasure of working with Paula and her company, who intentionally curated an authentic activation during Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate the community in Boyle Heights. Paula's influencer marketing expertise and mindful curation of the event brought attention to the beautiful art installations in Boyle Heights, providing our attendees with an impactful cultural and community-immersive experience. Her dedication to hand-selecting community influencers to engage with our brand and the activation was paramount to the event's success. We are grateful for Paula's contribution and look forward to future collaborations with her."
Julio Garcia image
Julio Garcia II,
President and CEO JiveLive Entertainment
"Social Impact and community building are at the "core" of what Paula and EMPRESS bring to events, companies, and spaces. She has an incredible vision and ability to navigate uncomfortable conversations and issues. She brings them to the forefront with respect, tactfulness, and compassion, with the ultimate goal of planting seeds that lead to change. I have had the opportunity to work with Paula multiple times, and every time she has pushed the envelope with incredible attention to detail and a work ethic. Consider yourself lucky if you ever find yourself working with Paula. Looking forward to working with her in the future!"
Carolina Rubio Image
Carolina Rubio MacWright,
Immigration Attorney, Artist & Founder of Touching Land
“There are very few people in the media and advocacy world that support their clients as much as EMPRESS has done. As a creator, the work led by Paula Duran has supported my projects immensely. The community gatherings she designed and created helped launch my Compton Cowboys book and my podcast, California Love. Both projects went on to receive critical acclaim, which would not have happened without Paula's help."
Walter Thompson image
Walter Thompson-Hernández,
Writer, Producer, Director & Multimedia Journalist
"I am in the healing arts, and I honestly didn’t get into this to make a business out of it. But I had something to share, and slowly I’ve built my business around healing with water.Working with Paula and Empress has provided me with insight & support to incorporate more creative and expansive ways to offer my healing gifts to a broader audience while still maintaining the integrity of my work’s essence. Her experience, expertise, and, most importantly, the essence is what allows me, as a woman-lead business model, to feel seen and creative."
Rocio Navarro image
Rocio Navarro,
Founder of Water Healing
Wellness Entrepreneur
"As a new entrepreneur, a million ideas and possibilities were going through my head. Working with Paula gave me the tools necessary to materialize those ideas into a real functioning business. Plus, I love that I can have bilingual sessions with her!"
Lina Cordero Image
Lina Cordero,
Owner of OnlyChild,
A Full services Design Studio 
"Before working with Paula, I didn't have a plan for my business. I felt scattered and struggled to make enough money to live off my business. Paula guided me towards clarity on my mission and how I can achieve my goals. I'm so happy I invested in my business and myself, even though, at the time, I couldn't fully afford it. Not only have I received a return on my investment, but I also now feel more confident, and I am officially the founder of a thriving corporation."
Ana Lilia image
Ana Lilia,
Founder of Ana Lilia
Coach & Wellness entrepreneur
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